Wamar Technologies Wins International Armored SUV Contracts

August 19, 2011

Atlanta, GA – Wamar Technologies has received its second contract for Armored SUV’s for the international market in 2011. These vehicles will be manufactured at Wamar Technologies’ Atlanta plant and are expected to be completed by the end of the year.

These orders are the result of our new management team’s efforts to expand our client base from the United States government to both commercial and international governmental customers. As Wamar Tech grows we’ll continue to diversify our customer base and product offerings. The growth in scale and capability will in turn allow us to better support the requirements of the US Government, which is still our largest customer."

About Wamar Technologies:
Since 2004, Wamar Technologies has been engineering and producing commercial armored vehicles and mobility system solutions for the US Government and select private customers from its 92,000 sq ft facility in Atlanta, GA and 13,000 sq ft facility in San Diego, CA.