With a total area of 92,000 square feet (8,550 SQ Meters), containing two 15 stage production lines, prototyping area, full vehicle paint booth, engineering department, CNC Fabrication department, and professional office space, we are fully equipped for production of up to 400 armored vehicles a year.


About our Proprietary Hinge Design, Click Image for Detail

Armor Design + Engineer Rendering

Our engineers utilize state of the art software to perform finite element analysis of all load bearing elements such as hinges and tow systems to ensure they are designed and verified to perform as intended on delivery and for the life of our vehicles.

Prototyping + Design Verification

SLA Rapid Prototyping ensures fit and form prior to final manufacture for smaller custom components such as door hinges and window drives. Vehicle armor, such as ballistic cage design templates, are modeled in 3D Design and pre-fitted in mild steel for design validation prior to full armoring

A fully functional, proprietary WAMAR hinge designed by our engineers

A fully functional, proprietary WAMAR hinge designed by our engineers

We offer Proprietary Designs, Created by our engineers with state-of-the-art fabrication processes — all in-house —

As an important element of our design and engineering approach - Finite Element Analysis, in combination with the knowledge and talent of our engineers, brings our clients:

• lower production and maintenance costs

• less vehicle down-time • longer lasting products

• overall increased durability and dependability

• rugged, heavy duty components designed to handle austere environments and demanding wear and tear requirements


Fabrication & Welding
Our Facility is Equipped with a CNC Ballistic Steel Laser Cutter to ensure consistency and quality in Fabrication. We also only utilize fully qualified and certified welders as outlined by the American Welders Association.


The Electric Team ensures saftey of wiring, and complete integration around custom additions and Armoring. Adding lights, sirens, gps monitoring, and many more C4ISR solutions.


We employ certified EVTS to work with our vehicles as well as our facility being equipped with both Four-Post and Two-Post Hydraulic Lifts. We fully equip every WAMAR Vehicle with state-of-the-art mechanical upgrades.


Uphostery + Painting
Our facilities include luxury upholstering and a complete vehicle paint booth to uplevel existing interiors and exteriors, allowing for further customization and anywhere from ultra-luxury to a low profile vehicle